Genetic reports and nutraceutical recommendations

Dear All:

I was asked a question today that I would like to share. I get this question frequently.

The person asked if I could examine her Strategene genetic report and make nutraceutical recommendations. I am often asked to do this. I wanted to create this post to explain what is involved in making therapeutic recommendations. A full history, review of existing lab tests (if any) as well as consideration of the epigenetics is required. These are the minimal requirements.

It is inappropriate to base any therapeutic interventions solely on the snps because you don’t know which are expressing, the root causes of said expressions or the damage that those root causes have done. Further, it takes training and experience to correlate the above data, develop goals of treatment, know which substances to use and, more, the order of treatment. I know that there are a myriad of programs and practitioners that will do what the questioner asked but, frankly, they are not doing that person a good service.

I know that you guys are aware of this but, since I am asked this question frequently, I felt that the answer was worth repeating.


Dr. Jess.

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