Lyme Disease-Genetic Predisposition?

Some people have written about genetic susceptibility to Lyme disease. I think it’s complete nonsense and I’ll tell you why.

If you get exposed to Lyme disease through a tick bite, regardless of your genetic predispositions, if your immune system is not working at peak efficiency the Lyme disease will take root. Therefore, the best course of action if you have the tick is to have it examined (there are numerous services that will do this. Check with your laboratory or Google and you can have the answers in just a day or so.)

If the tick is loaded with Lyme disease or other significant pathogens, then you have a decision to make. You can either treat prophylactically (which I strongly recommend) or wait until you show signs of Lyme disease remembering that the standard Lyme disease tests will not become positive for a few months after the bite (to me, this course of action is a little like Russian roulette). Remember, if you need to treat with an antibiotic a good healthcare provider can compensate for it on the front end instead waiting for leaky gut syndrome, yeast infections and so forth to take root.

Taking antibiotics doesn’t have to be a horrible thing and can prevent years of suffering when you catch a disease at its inception and eradicate it (kinda weird coming from an alternative medicine type like myself, eh? Just know that I’m not against medicines I’m against the injudicious use of medicines (and nutraceuticals, herbals, etc.))

The other side of the coin of the professionals that have promulgated the genetic predisposition for Lyme disease is this. If you do not have what they say is a genetic predisposition, you will get the false impression that you don’t have to worry about the tick bite. Nothing could be father from the truth.

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