Repairing Leaky Gut Syndrome (again). Yeah! Its that Important!

The principles of repairing gut are as follows:

First Concept:

  1. You need to break down your foods completely (digestive enzymes) because incomplete breakdown of foods are essentially antigens that are creating antigen-antibody reactions.

Second Concept:

  1. You need a mucus layer in your gut and this can be provided by demulcent herbs (slippery elm, marshmallow root, ground Chia seed, and many others)

Third Concept:

  1. You need something to help the cell walls heal. This can include liposomal phospholipids, L glutamine (be careful with this), colostrum, or serum derived bovine immunoglobulin isolates.

Fourth Concept

  1. Probiotics are important but remember that the Microbiome lives in the mucus layer and uses the mucus layer as food. Hence if you have no mucus layer the probiotics may or may not be of benefit if you use them without the aforementioned.

Fifth Concept:

  1. Diet—-if you don’t know which is the best diet it’s good to start with the basics (gluten-free, dairy free, sugar-free).
    The above are the basics. If these principles are not part of your treatment plan, I would question the efficacy of same. An incomplete gut repair program is what I commonly see in consultation and the major reason why people do not heal in general as an ongoing leaky gut syndrome will be the reason for major inflammation.  If your leaky gut remains despite good treatment. Contact me,  Dr. Jess, and schedule a complimentary 15 min get acquainted conference to determine if I can help you.

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