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I develop INDIVIDUALIZED treatment plans based on your specific physiology utilizing Genetics and Integrative Medicine along with neuro-endo-immunology, expertise in mitochondrial dysfunction and cell wall integrity.  I utilize old-fashioned assessment of your history along with cutting edge testing to find answers when other traditional and non-traditional diagnostics and treatment have failed. I specialize in finding answers to your health issues, leading you on the path to wellness.

What makes Dr Armine different?

  • I listen to my clients
  • I am one of the few practitioners who can “put it all together”….right down to the genetic level.
  • I consider ALL aspects of a client’s health experience (genetics, testing, history, responses or non-responses to prior treatments, etc.) before ordering further testing or developing a treatment plan.

I treat patients worldwide via Skype or telephone.

All appointments can be booked on the scheduler below.

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Initial consultations

This will last for approximately 1 hour and 30 mins. ($495.00)

What you can expect:

  • A thorough review of your clinical history
  • An overview of your genetic profile (23 and me and/or StrateGene). This is an overview of pertinent findings as determined and explained by Dr. Armine and should not be misconstrued as a point by point review of your genetic studies
  • A review and explanation of laboratory studies as it relates to your condition
  • Initial treatment plan containing my opinion as to the causes of your issues, the downstream effects and the rationale for the proposed treatment.
  • You will receive an audio recording of your consultation.

Turn around time for written treatment plan is usually 3-4 business days

I don’t live near The Center For Bio-Individualized Medicine. Can Dr. Armine still treat me?

Yes! Dr. Armine works with people all across the US and throughout the world via Skype and by phone. These very convenient methods work wonderfully for patients, both at a distance and those not feeling well enough to travel to the office.

Overview & FAQ’s

Working with Dr. Armine

If you’d like to speak to Dr Armine for a general chat before deciding if you think you can work together, scroll down an book a free 15 min “get Acquainted” session.

When you are ready to book an initial consultation, scroll down and book an Initial Consultation.

What do you need from me?

Complete intake forms OR write a timeline of your condition including when you first noticed symptoms, with which health care providers you treated, and the results (good or bad) of those treatments.
Any lab tests in your possession including any genetic tests (23andMe, )

Where can I find patient forms?

Forms can be found on the patient forms page on our website. You will also be directed there by our scheduling system upon booking your consultation.

How do I submit my history and other paperwork?

It is preferred that paperwork be submitted electronically. We cannot accept any file formats other than Word or PDF.

E-mail to, fax (610 200 5318) or “snail-mail” to our office.

*Please note: We must receive your information at least 72 business hours (48hrs if follow up) before your appointment or your appointment will be rescheduled.

What is the typical length of a treatment plan?

Typically treatment plans will be broken down into 4 week blocks.  The treatment within each block will be determined during our consultation.

Is support available between consults?

• If you have a brief question (a single issue) or if you have administrative questions [if lab tests have arrived, etc.], kindly contact and the email will be forwarded to me. If the issue is extensive, you will be asked to make an interim appointment as below.
• If you have several questions, please make a “Quick Question” 15 min appointment using the scheduler below.
• Unfortunately, I cannot answer clinical questions via Face Book, text messaging or any other type of text message. Please either email or make a 15 min appointment.

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Dr Jess Armine