Lyme Disease Testing and Co-Infection Testing

Lyme Disease TestingLyme disease is pervasive and the reason for autoimmune diseases such as Lyme arthritis, neuroborreliosis and numerous chronic illnesses.

The difficulty faced by practitioners and laypeople alike is the lack of proper diagnosis. We have developed an extensive laboratory panel that tests for Lyme disease (in all forms), Lyme disease co-infections, certain parasites and viruses as well as candida (yeast).

As the diagnosis of Lyme disease is a Clinical Diagnosis we have included, as part of our Lyme Disease testing service, an interpretive consultation with a healthcare provider experienced in correlating the testing and clinical history.  This allow us to more accurately interpret the presence or absence of Lyme disease and/or Lyme disease co-infections. This can be a significant step in the healing of your chronic illness.

About The Testing

Labs are completed at an independent testing facility, Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, LLC. (MDL).  MDL is the BEST LAB in the country to test for Lyme disease and other tick borne infections as well as viral testing, mold testing and bacterial testing. Below is a list of all the microorganisms tested for as part of your comprehensive Lyme disease testing panel. All of these tests are necessary to detect hidden Lyme infections that other Lyme tests miss, resulting in false negative results and a missed diagnosis.  We also test for the common Lyme disease co-infections and candida albicans (yeast), parvovirus, and the very dangerous toxoplasmosis (brain parasite). This panel has been created to help diagnose not only Lyme disease and related co-infections but identify some of the microorganisms that are the root cause of many illnesses.

USA Clients

If you think you might have been infected with Lyme Disease, you can order Lyme Disease testing and interpretation.

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  • Once purchased we will send you a health history form and a set of instructions on how to fill out the forms.
  • MDL Labs will send you a blood draw kit that includes a return FedEx envelope.
  • You will need to find a lab to draw the blood and prepare it for shipping. (It’s suggested that you have the blood drawn and sent on a Monday or Tuesday) Blood Draw Location Recommendations
  • When the tests results are in, you will be notified via e-mail and receive instructions for scheduling your interpretative consultation.

Your Interpretative Consultation Session includes a review of the client’s history as well as a review and explanation of the MDL test results by an unbiased, experienced health care practitioner.  If the practitioner determines that the tests are positive for any microbial condition, the client will be directed to the appropriate health care resources. This service does not include treatment and/or treatment recommendations.


Your payment of $225.00 covers the cost of an interpretative consultation with Dr. Jess Armine. Please note that this does NOT include the lab fee. The lab fee is payable directly to the lab.

You will place your insurance information on the test submission form and MDL Lab bill your insurance (please note: HMO’s, Medicare and Medicaid may not cover the testing when ordered by Dr. Jess Armine). If the lab receives no reimbursement, you will be billed by the lab.

Where Do I Go For A Blood Draw?

Click here for list of blood draw locations:  Blood Draw Location Recommendations

What is Tested?

Anaplasma phagocytophilum IgG/IgM by IFA

Babesia microti IgG/IgM by ELISA 

Bartonella henselae IgG/IgM by ELISA

Lyme Disease C6 peptide by ELISA

Lyme Disease Western Blot  IGM/IGG

UK/International Clients

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You will have the option to order a basic Lyme test for £185 (UK pounds sterling) or to order a fully comprehensive test with interpretation for £750 (UK pounds sterling)

Basic Test

  • We will send your Lyme testing kit to you.
  • You will need to find a phlebotomist to do the blood draw.
  • Return the kit to the lab, as instructed.
  • When your results have been received we will email you you.
  • You can take these results to your regular practitioner or you can book an interpretation session by visiting our scheduler.  The interpretation session costs $225 (US Dollars)

Comprehensive Test

  • We will send your Lyme testing kit to you.
  • You will need to find a phlebotomist to do the blood draw.
  • Return the kit to the lab, as instructed.
  • You will receive a Coupon Code for use on our online scheduling system.
  • When your results have been received we email you.
  • Visit our scheduling system and use coupon code COMPREHENSIVE to book a 30 min interpretation session. (Using the coupon code means the session is free)