2018 Live Blood Cell Analysis Training

UK Dates

Saturday 3 March and Sunday 4 March 2018.

UK Location

The UK course will take place at the Copthorne Hotel, Cippenham Lane, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 2YE. 


To book on the UK course, click HERE.

What is Live Blood Cell Analysis?

Live Blood Cell Analysis (or LBCA) is the microscopic examination of a drop of a patient’s blood while the patient observes first-hand the whole process on a video monitor. The practitioner then describes the sample and explains the images to the patient. Both practitioners and clients agree LBCA is a superb educational and motivational tool, in this case “seeing is really believing”!

Why Use LBCA?

LBCA is an excellent indicator of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, chemical toxicity and dehydration, bacterial (spirochetes)/Fungal (Candida)/Parasite infections, Leaky Gut, Bowel dysfunction/ absorption problems, Early warning signs of potential cardiovascular health issues (cholesterol plaques, oxalate crystals, liver stress and associated tiredness issues).

Our All Inclusive Course Cost

£1850.00 for UK or $2000 for USA.

What’s Included?

  • Everything you need to start on Monday Morning!! You can start offering your new service to your clients immediately. A Microscope: OMAX 40X-2500X USB 3.0 Super Speed 18MP Digital Lab Compound Siedentopf Trinocular LED Microscope (or equivalent).
  • Two Full Days of Instruction including:
  • Accessories – a box of single use lancets, Immersion oil, A box of microscope slides and covers as well as a box of Lens Wipes.
  • Morning/Afternoon Tea, Coffee and  Snacks.
  • Full Buffet Lunch both days.
  • Free Parking for each student.

Course Content

Day One

  • The theoretical basis of LBCA. Identification and assessment of all blood cells and plasma inclusions.
  • Discussions on the nutritional influences on cell formation, and how to rest
  • Numerous pictures of blood samples and their relationship to overall patient health, including the functioning of body organs and systems.
  • Instruction on improving the quality of your patient’s blood, using specific nutritional and herbal remedies to assist in cleansing and repair of the body.

Day Two

  • Full Day Microscope Practice including:
    • Practical experience in slide preparation.
    • Assessment of at least 12 blood samples with personal instruction their relationship to overall patient health, including the functioning of body organs and systems.

Inclusion in Private LBCA Practitioner Group

  •   to maximize your expertise

How Will LBCA Benefit You and Your Clients?

Different from other LBCA courses Dr. Armine will teach you not only the significance of what is noticed on the screen but will share with you (and demonstrate) a methodology of provocation to demonstrate what is actually occurring in the intracellular environment. This method will allow the practitioner to more closely determine proper and effective treatment protocols and vastly improve patient compliance and outcomes.

This course will afford your practice many benefits, including:

  • You will be able to incorporate LBCA into your practice on “Monday Morning”
  • Patients are keen to begin the treatment regime designed for them, and eagerly anticipate returning for follow-up appointments to see any changes.
  • LBCA allows you to monitor and constantly improve your treatment protocols and improve outcome.

Max Number of Students

Limit: 12 students

Any Questions?

If you have questions regarding the UK courses, contact Carol at carol@it-teacher.co.uk or phone 01531 660440.

If you have questions regarding the USA courses, please email office@drjessarmine.com.